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Instant 5.
The art is.... gorgeous ! The boss fight is EPIC !
I still think you lost a little in humour. I was expecting some jokes about child trauma while visiting the well to find the lens of truth, or more jokes about the windmill musician. Got a little disappointed in that.
But you improved everything else, sooooo.... it's still a 5 :)

Good ! I'd love to play that game !

Well, normally, no one can beat Sub Zero... But hey, it's Walter White ! (and isn't the acid normally in ble barrels, and the formaldehyde in those "bee" barrels ?)

ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

Yep. I guess I don't care too much about the tiny details like that even though it'll drive other people crazy.

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You could :
- add sets in a round (make it a best of 3 ?)
- animate the hands/arms so that they actually show rock, paper or scissors
But it's a good start

Pizzapower2 responds:

Thanks for the advice! I'll take that into mind.

I tried every key on my keyboard, and yet I couldn't build anything...

Amazing !
I love the fact you can shoot back the arrows. Or the whole concept.
One particular thing is that I find the "middle boss" more difficult to beat than the actual boss...

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And now I'm visualizing the church where it can fit in :D
Amazing job !

What really made me want to review this and give it a 5 stars (apart from the fact that it's really good) : the reflection on the knife :)
Just a weird point : how come so much light arrives on the girl without diffracting in the opposite way ? (don't feel obligated to answer this, it works just fine like this, but as a physics teacher, it made me raise an eyebrow... call it occupational hazard :) )

HugoVRB responds:

Great point! I love lighting, it is my favorite subject ever, I can talk about the quantum mechanics of light ALL DAY.

The thing I love about painting cartoony style, is that I can emphasize my focal points with over the top lighting, defying physics to tell a story!
As this is an underlighting with a few bounce lights around the character, I cheated the lights dynamic range on the knife to make it stand out a bit more, due to the reflectiveness I decided to cheat the angle of incidence to make a dramatic reflection even if it doesn't really match how the light bounces in the scene.
You are absolutely right that the light shoul've bounced a lot more on the scene, but the fantastic thing about making up my worlds is that I can make up phyisics!

Sorry if my english is not that good!

I admire teachers a lot, specially science ones. Keep making the world a smarter place!

Just to satisfy my curiosity (and my learning of japanese) : "andoroido gaibu" means "androids outing" ?
Great work btw. C16 is in the back ? :)

MatthewLopz responds:

COUGH idk japanese dude, he sure is.

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